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This is the strongest session Sim offers. She combines both techniques for this session, Pleiades and Reiki! And used 72 sacred symbols!

Pleiades: Connection of neurons, uncontrollable movements… Unleash your body’s magical healing mechanism.


Seven Sisters,” the Pleiades are a group of stars in the Taurus constellation. At a distance of 444.2 light-years, the closest star cluster to earth, the Pleiades are used to plot distance using a method called the “cosmic distance ladder.” The Pleiadians. Self-defined as a “collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system,” the group’s mission is to “assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation.”


The session is done standing up, with a blindfold so we can activate the third eye, then continue on the Reiki table.

Since Reiki works with regular sessions and accumulates over time, Sim offers discounted packages to accommodate your needs and goals.

Pleiades Nova Galactic - Package 10

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$2,000.00Sale Price
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