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Have you ever walked into an environment where you just felt drained or negative? Or perhaps you have entered a space where you felt lighter, peaceful, and positive. Why is it that some places just feel better than others? In the same way that we can benefit from an energy healing or cleansing, our space can benefit from being cleared and cleansed.

This is when you need an energy clearing for your home or workspace:

• When you are buying a new home

• When a newborn is coming home

• You have a new job

• You are going through a divorce or separation

• You live in an old house or space and there have been other families

/energies that have occupied that space

• When there has been a death in the family

• When there is conflict at home which brings down the vibration

• Energies that feel like they are not your own, i.e you feel like you are being watched when you walk into the room the energy feels dense, and/or you just get the sense you are not alone

Most clearings can be done in one session and can vary anywhere from two to four hours. Energy is constantly changing, both within us and around us, so we must keep our homes and workplaces in their highest vibrations.


Home or office cleansing sessions are performed with Reiki, over 35 symbols from 10 different lineages, essential herbal oils, Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki smudge sprays, sage, and crystals.

Energy Cleansing For Personal or Workspace (Room, Car, House)

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